Turnkey Direct-Diode Lasers

180 W Air-Cooled Direct-Diode Laser System

IDL Series

180 W Air-Cooled Direct-Diode Laser System

IDL Series air-cooled, direct-diode laser systems combine our high-reliability L4 diode lasers with a unique fused-fiber individual-emitter architecture and novel health-monitoring system to yield an extremely reliable and scalable product that performs in the most demanding industrial manufacturing environments. Providing up to 180 watts of multimode laser output, these products are ideally suited for plastics welding, selective soldering, and heat treating, handling a greater diversity of materials and reducing costs while increasing throughput in existing operations.

Unlike bar-based diode-laser products, IDL Series fused-fiber, individual-emitter architecture offers exceptional thermal isolation between emitters, eliminating severe thermal reliability issues. Modulated operation does not shorten product lifetime. The fused-fiber construction further eliminates sources of contamination, ensuring uninterrupted, reliable performance for the lifetime of the laser. Additionally, the individual-emitter construction enables individual device monitoring, control, and simple, low-cost serviceability.

A multipoint health-monitoring system incorporates a product-wide approach to operational assurance. A routinely updated system health log file is available through the front-panel-mounted USB port for easy retrieval and review. The log includes individual diode output status and critically important electrical and environmental parameter monitoring information. The RS232 interface and front-panel-mounted visual indicators provide active health monitoring. Careful management of any soft system errors affords operators the time to correct electrical or environmental issues while the device remains online and operational.

Designed for ease of integration and operation, these air-cooled systems require only standard wall-plug power. Both analog and RS232 ports offer system control. A flexible armored cable with an industry-standard SMA905 optical connector allows quick connection with commercially available beam-delivery optical packages.