DWDM Transmission Components

Micro-Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (µITLA)

TL5400 Series, TL5470 Series

Micro-Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA), 100 kHz Linewidth, LambdaFLEX

The Lumentum LambdaFLEX™ micro-ITLA is a high performance, narrow linewidth, continuous wave (CW), tunable laser source designed for 400G/600G coherent modules and linecards. The micro-ITLA features high output power, a small form factor and low power dissipation specifically designed to meet the needs of next-generation coherent applications. The DS-DBR laser is based on a fully monolithic InP chip designed for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing. With no moving parts, it is a low voltage, electronically tuned device enabling rapid wavelength switching with straightforward control electronics.

The laser and control electronics are pre-mounted on a dedicated circuit board for easy production installation. The micro-ITLA features shuttered tuning, optical power control, off-grid tuning, and narrow linewidth. Comprehensive control and system reporting is provided over the RS232 interface.

The micro-ITLA incorporates the next-generation version of a Lumentum DS-DBR wideband tunable laser. The integrated semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) provisions the optical power control and also acts as a shutter to allow dark tuning when reverse biased.

Laser chip operation is at a stabilized temperature. Wavelength stability is guaranteed by an internal wavelength locker for control. Facet output power monitoring is also provided by an integral photodiode.

The device is provided with polarization-maintaining fiber for use with an external modulator.

The product is offered in both a micro-ITLA format (TL5400) and a dual-ITLA format (TL5470). The dual-ITLA format contains two fully independent lasers through one electrical interface, offering a significant footprint reduction.