Photonic Power Solutions



Lumentum manufactures highly efficient photonic power solutions that transform optical energy delivered via optical fiber into electrical energy, powering remote or isolated electronics. These unique modules consist of a diode laser and photonic power converter (PPC) that are connected using standard optical fiber. Higher voltages can be achieved using a voltage up-converter. A single power channel can deliver up to 0.5 W of electrical power. Output power levels up to 5 W can be achieved via parallel power channels.

A variety of supported applications includes power transmission, electrical isolation, aerospace, medical imaging, powering transceivers and antenna.

Photonic Power Module

The Lumentum photonic power module is a high reliability laser module operating at 830 nm that offers up to 2 W of optical power. The module is fiber coupled onto a 60 μm multimode fiber connectorized with ST connector. The light is delivered via fiber to a photonic power converter where the optical power is converted into electric power. Lumentum proven laser technology is well adapted for the high reliability requirements of the photonic power applications.

6 V Photovoltaic Power Converter

The PPC-6E is a photovoltaic power converter optimized for maximum efficiency in the range of 790-850 nm illumination. Source optical energy is delivered via multimode fiber, compatible with installed short haul communication systems. Reliable and low-cost diode lasers are readily available as sources.